Collaboration increases innovation. Learn about unified communications, social networking and media tools, and productivity suites that bring teammates around the world together.

  • Creating an environment that accelerates transformation

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Dell Inc.

    Government organizations need a workforce approach that not only enables employees to make informed decisions and work more efficiently, but also promotes engagement and satisfaction. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how to enable employees to better focus on their core roles and expertise and how to access the ...

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  • Alcatel Lucent Enterprise: New Business Models

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Alcatel - Lucent Enterprise

    Changing the way businesses buy technology Organizations have reached a complex and transformative stage in digital business as the pace of innovation accelerates every day. Technology purchased today will be two or three generations out of date by the time the book value is fully depreciated. Yet, that same technology ...

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  • Not All Clouds are Created Equal: a Comparison of Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Google Cloud

    What happens when teams switch to Google Docs from Microsoft Word Online? They can share documents in nearly half the time, see real-time edits 96% faster and cut down on errors by 88%. Get more findings and how-tos in this detailed report by Principled Technologies, which compares the performance of ...

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  • Take a quick trip through Office 365

    Virtual Briefing Center // Sep 2017 // provided by Microsoft

    New Office 365 capabilities give your teams better ways to collaborate, secure data, and analyze information. Fill out the form and learn what Office 365 can mean for your business by taking any of these five short guided tours: Meetings and voice Security and compliance Advanced analytics Email and calendar ...

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  • Eight Digital Best Practices for Sales Professionals

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by DocuSign

    What Does it Take to go “digital” in Sales? Sales professionals are most effective when they’re equipped with the best tools. A mobile-enabled electronic workflow is becoming essential to optimise efficiency and provide teams with true flexibility. This best practices paper outlines eight important ways that sales teams can ...

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  • Don’t leave anything to chance, take your HR department digital

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by DocuSign

    The HR world is changing quickly - global candidates are tech-savvy and are relying on mobile-enabled interactions. Now more than ever, HR teams are looking to improve the onboarding experience, increase employee satisfaction and focus HR staff away from mundane tasks. This digital best practice guide outlines seven ways ...

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  • Breakthrough Technology Interactive eGuide

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Dell Inc.

    The workplace is changing and the one-size-fits-all approach to technology is changing along with it. As a result, your organization may need to rethink how to keep productivity high, promote collaboration, delight employees with the latest devices all while keeping IT within budget. This interactive eGuide will be your one-stop ...

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  • 7 Key Questions to Ask Any ERP Provider

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by SAP

    What are the 7 key ERP questions to ask? Download our infographic today. Having a fast-growing business is good. Having to overhaul your technology every time you need to scale is not. Upgrading to a more complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can help, but how do you ensure the ...

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  • Unblock Workplace Collaboration

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Microsoft

    A lot can slow down your team. From version control and inefficiencies, to separate workflows and inconsistent apps, working together isn't always easy – but it can be. Solving these problems will enable a productive workforce and business efficiency. Download the eBook for complete details.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Chat-Based Tools

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Microsoft

    Employees have been using chat tools such as text messages and social media with ease for years. Transitioning to similar forms of communication at work is a natural next step for the mobile-first, instant communication-driven workforce. Your chat tools need to be flexible enough to meet all of your ...

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