Data Centers

Is your data center converged, virtualized, cloud-enabled, and software-defined? Or full of legacy and high-TCO equipment? Find out how to build an infrastructure that keeps you ahead of the competition.

  • Hybrid Cloud Is The Foundation For Storage Agility And Economics (Forrester report)

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by NetApp

    Improved data sharing, mobility, and elasticity are the fundamental benefits for hybrid cloud storage environments. Read this report and discover the next-generation hybrid cloud storage technologies that are already available and ready to bridge the gap between your on-premises applications and data and leading cloud storage services, such ...

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  • Optimizing Database Storage Performance For Dummies

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by NetApp

    One of the most effective ways to address database performance and cost challenges is to modernize the underlying hardware infrastructure. Innovations such as flash storage, converged infrastructure architectures, and sophisticated data management platforms can have a major impact.

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  • A Network That Defends Itself (Russian)

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Cisco Systems

    I takes most organizations between 100 and 200 days to detect a threat, with Cisco you can do it in 13 hours. What if you are paying more for less protection? Sophisticated threats can hide I network blind spots, extracting sensitive information and causing millions in damage. The ...

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  • 5 Innovations For The New Era of Networking

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Cisco Systems

    Experts engineers at Cisco are challenging norms and looking for ways to revolutionize the network. See five of the most important ways these innovations are changing your relationship with your network. The new network is constantly learning, constantly adapting, constantly protecting. No one likes configuring quality of ...

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  • VMware and Veeam Availability and Risk Avoidance for the Software-Defined Data Center (French)

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by Veeam Software UK

    The Software-Defined Data Center consists of an infrastructure virtualized beyond compute to network and storage.Here, applications and services are placed on-premises, off-premises or in the cloud based on economics.Policy-driven technology and analytics dictate how workflows and workloads are moved and directed to where they best serve the ...

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  • Expect More From Your Primary Storage

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by Veeam Software UK

    Modern storage solutions deliver fantastic benefits to enterprises, but IT organizations can get even more value out of these investments through Veeam's direct integration with market-leading vendors. Veeam's ability to leverage the capabilities of modern storage is fundamental to how we deliver 24.7.365 availability for the always-on ...

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  • Get The Most Out of Your Backups With Veeam

    Webcasts // Aug 2017 // provided by Veeam Software UK

    When they’re not being utilized, backups typically consist of dormant data. Now with Veeam® Instant VM Recovery® technology supported by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) StoreOnce Catalyst, you can leverage this dormant data and put it to work! In this session, you’ll learn: How Instant VM Recovery ...

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  • PAYG Models: Funding the Hybrid Cloud

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by Singtel

    In recent years, IT departments have been under pressure from line of business for more agile cloud-based datacenter environments that enhance the customer experience and support nextgeneration workloads and applications. Discover the new payment models that are changing enterprise consumption behaviors within the hybrid cloud for datacenter infrastructure and how ...

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  • New Frontiers in Solid-State Storage

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by NetApp

    New innovations in storage technology are changing the game for data centers, and NetApp is working to help customers capitalize on them. The introduction of faster and faster media types and more efficient mechanisms to access those media across well-defined SAN and Ethernet infrastructures will unlock unprecedented speeds, lower latencies, ...

  • The Dawn Of Data-Driven Healthcare

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by Intel

    New technology and access to new data sources are helping healthcare provider organizations improve patient experiences and reduce costs. Gain insight on the Intel-commissioned survey of healthcare decision makers in the US and China. Learn how organizations are approaching advanced analytics and how organizations can use these systems to maximize ...

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