Digital Transformation

  • RegTech in the Cognitive Era: Insights from Gene Ludwig and Bridget van Kralingen

    White Papers · May 2018 · Provided By IBM

    Cognitive RegTech can combine data, technology innovations and new methodologies to enable improved regulatory compliance. Download this executive brief to learn how Cognitive can change the face of regulatory compliance.

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  • Empowering Your Risk Management Strategy

    White Papers · May 2018 · Provided By IBM

    Although challenging, this new reality presents exceptional opportunities for banks to deliver differentiating value through more personalized, relevant and timely interactions and offers that drive customer profitability, satisfaction and loyalty. To capitalize on these opportunities, banks must take advantage of the wealth of information assets at their disposal. They need...

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  • Compute evolution: A brief guide to business computing infrastructure

    White Papers · May 2018 · Provided By Cisco 

    Cisco’s object based, policy defined approach began with the launch of the Unified Computing System (UCS) in 2009. Based on standard x86 technology, Cisco UCS is built to provide one operating environment across many architectures – from individual servers to integrated and hyperconverged systems - regardless of the form factor...

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  • Timeline for computing infrastructure evolution - Infographics

    White Papers · May 2018 · Provided By Cisco 

    The IT infrastructure in organisations today is an outgrowth of over 50 years of evolution in computing platforms. There have been five stages in this evolution, each representing a different configuration of computing power and infrastructure elements. The five eras are general-purpose mainframe and minicomputer computing, personal computers, client/server networks,...

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  • Move at blazing speed with complete hyperconvergence

    White Papers · May 2018 · Provided By Cisco 

    Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) brings the pay-as-you-go economics of cloud to your data centre. It combines compute, network, storage, virtualisation and data protection into a single appliance. One you can deploy in under an hour and manage using a widely adopted and familiar toolset. Power your business with Cisco HyperFlex Systems

  • How to get the most from hyperconvergence

    White Papers · May 2018 · Provided By Cisco 

    Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the next step in the evolution of IT infrastructure. It takes the idea of integrating compute, storage and networking that started with converged systems and adds deeper levels of abstraction and automation to provide an all-in-one data centre that can be up and running in under...

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  • Bridge the IT Gap to Get Ahead

    White Papers · May 2018 · Provided By Cisco 

    The IT “talent gap” is hitting businesses of every size — midsize organisations perhaps most of all. You may have a clear digital vision and the organisational agility to pursue it. But you may not have the specialist IT skills, experience or headcount you need to bring your ambitions to...

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  • Aberdeen's New Flash - 3 Things You Can't Afford to Miss When Buying Flash Storage

    White Papers · May 2018 · Provided By Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Aberdeem research has shown that when organizatins harneess the power of Flash, they are able to more effectively implement a digital transformation, build hybrid infrastructures, and gain increased agility and competitive advantage. In this eBook, we’ll explore how leading businesses can better their future with flash arrays that are Predictive,...

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  • Citrix + Microsoft Webinar: Accelerate a secure journey to the cloud

    Videos · May 2018 · Provided By Citrix

    Citrix and Microsoft continue to innovate through a partnership that is stronger than ever and grounded in simplifying the journey to the cloud for their customers. Watch this webinar to learn ways to stay secure regardless of where you are in your digital transformation journey and hear best practices from...

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  • How to plan for a Multi-Cloud world

    White Papers · May 2018 · Provided By Google

    The increase in cloud service consumption manifests itself in several usage models. Today, many organizations are implementing hybrid cloud, which uses a mix of private clouds, public clouds, and legacy data centers.As organizations move further into the digital economy,they will increasingly implement new business processes that rely on flexible and...

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