Digital Transformation

  • 4 Fundamental Ways Data is Changing the Face of Business

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Qlik

    You have access to more data than ever before. Are you truly using it to your advantage? And where are you most likely to get results when you do? Learn the 4 business areas where data has the most impact, the top use cases within each area, and see real...

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  • 3rd Gen BI: Unlocking Possibilities in Your Data

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Qlik

    Data has always held tremendous value. But for decades, most of that value was left on the table. Not anymore. The 3rd generation of BI spreads analytics to every corner of your business, finally giving all your users the power to make discoveries that ignite transformation. Discover the...

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  • IDC PlanScape: Data Intelligence Software for Data Governance (WP)

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Qlik

    Get the right strategy – and the right technology – for governing your data without locking it down. When you’re using analytics to transform your organization, data governance is essential – but lock-down is a problem. How can you strike a balance between accessibility and trust? With data intelligence...

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  • Why Application Rationalization Efforts Fail

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Changepoint

    The quality of an IT portfolio is directly related to the organization's financial performance. Forward-thinking companies are focused on finding the most valuable change opportunities. That's application rationalization. But more than 70% of all application rationalization efforts fail. Why? Application rationalization is about figuring out how to better rationalize and...

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  • 5 Initiatives Your Architecture, APM, and Governance Groups Need to Accelerate Today

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Changepoint

    If you are responsible for accelerating initiatives such as: merger or acquisition business restructuring application rationalization IT modernization GDPR adherence You know that an informed strategy turns knowledge into power. But how do you get there? Gain insight into how a visual, real-time map of...

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  • Case Study: Schneider Electric's Low-Code Digital Factory

    Case Studies · Jun 2019 · Provided By OutSystems

    Schneider Electric is a global specialist in providing integrated efficiency solutions and automation software. In order to continue innovating for customers, they found that using a low-code platform to bridge the gap between business demands and the available IT resources was the key to success. Find out how...

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  • Forrester Vendor Landscape: B2B Business Networks

    White Papers · Jun 2019 · Provided By Basware Pty Ltd

    Find the best business network for your unique organisation. As your business continues to digitise, integrate technologies and expand commerce globally, it’s important to evaluate your current network and ensure you’re using the best one for your needs. Gone are the days of clear-cut distinctions between different network types....

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  • Executive Summary: The Workers’ Experience

    White Papers · Jun 2019 · Provided By DellEMC and Intel

    In the digital era, a skilled and effective workforce is essential and the technology to support them is equally vital. It’s the task of technology decision makers to provide every worker with an ecosystem of hardware, software and additional equipment that maximizes each worker’s ability to contribute to the organization....

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  • Engaging your workplace audience

    White Papers · Jun 2019 · Provided By Samsung

    Amongst the vast range of trends disrupting the workplace, we are seeing a significant change in the behaviours and expectations around an organisation’s most fundamental asset: its people. As organisations innovate every aspect of their workspace, the future requires them to rethink and redesign the way their employees engage, collaborate...

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  • The 3 Core Capabilities of an Adaptive Enterprise

    White Papers · Jun 2019 · Provided By Changepoint

    As organizations work to adapt to the demands of digital business, many look to their enterprise architecture teams to help navigate the endless onslaught of change. Transform your organization into a business flexible enough to anticipate and navigate through constant change and ignite innovation with: People-driven architecture – how crowdsourcing...

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