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  • Five common mistakes with endpoint encryption

    White Papers · May 2019 · Provided By Specops Software

    Endpoint encryption is heralded as one of the cornerstones to securing data and complying with data protection regulations. Data is the most valuable asset for most organizations and data privacy laws and regulations dictate how organizations must protect it. Encryption plays an important role in safeguarding that data, but not...

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  • Worried about an AD disaster? Stop worrying & start preparing.

    Downloads · May 2019 · Provided By Quest Software

    Mistakes happen, corruption happens, disasters happen. They’re unpredictable and inevitable. When a disaster like a cyberattack or ransomware strikes your Active Directory and wipes out your DC’s operating system, every second counts. If you don’t have a plan to quickly recover, an AD disaster can stop your business in its...

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  • Integration Throughout and Beyond the Enterprise Whitepaper

    White Papers · May 2019 · Provided By IBM Corp.

    Throughout the history of the IT industry, integration has been an important part of most projects. Whether it is integration of transactions, data, or processes, each has challenges and associated patterns and antipatterns. In an age of mobile devices, social networks, and cloud services, and big data analytics, integration is...

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  • Google's self-service Chromebook loaner program

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Google

    This whitepaper explains how we went about creating Grab and Go, how it can quickly restart the suddenly laptop-less user’s productivity, and how Chromebooks helped to make it all possible. Our first priority with Grab and Go was to give Googlers some time back by offering a friction-less way...

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  • How good is your internet security?

    Downloads · Apr 2019 · Provided By Zscaler

    Get a quick assessment of the strength of your Internet security. You will see how well your security infrastructure can stop threats, protect your users, and safeguard your company data. It will also provide recommendations on how to close any gaps that are found. It's free, confidential, and safe.

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  • Gartner names Zscaler a leader in Secure Web Gateways Magic Quadrant

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Zscaler

    The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform delivers the complete security stack as a cloud service, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional secure web gateway appliances. By moving security to a globally distributed cloud, Zscaler brings the internet and web gateway closer to the user for a faster experience - and...

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  • The Innovator's Guide to Modern Note Taking (German)

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Microsoft

    We clunk away at a keyboard and end up with half a gigabyte of meeting minutes on our hard drive that we’ll never read again to go with the two dozen scribbled receipts we keep shoved in the glove box. With the right tools and attitude, we can capitalize on...

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  • Enterprises Look to Open Source to Navigate the IT Modernisation Journey

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Red Hat

    This IDC white paper considers the challenge customers face today in balancing investments in existing infrastructure with goals of improving efficiency and modernising their data centre. Simultaneously, customers need to embrace new technology development and deployment techniques that offer the promise of substantial improvements in developer productivity, operational agility, and...

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  • Kinetic Infrastructure and Dell EMC PowerEdge MX

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Microsoft - Dell EMC

    Dell EMC is introducing a flexible and scalable solution called kinetic infrastructure. The building blocks of the Dell EMC approach to kinetic infrastructure – cores, DRAM, storage class memory, accelerators, storage and networking -- can be disaggregated, and re-aggregated, as workload demands change powered by Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor, Power...

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  • Getting Customer Satisfaction Right with AI Speech Analytics

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By NICE nexidia

    AI-driven Speech Analytics can provide critical customer-engagement insights to help you prioritize, analyze and quantify business challenges. These insights will enable your organization to implement prescriptive, data-driven recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and understand what your customer really wants.In this white paper, discover how technology advances in Speech and Language...

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