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  • Live Webcast - Integrating the cloud: Six secrets to building effective enterprise-level collaboration

    Webcasts // Jun 2018 // provided by IBM

    There was a time when enterprise applications and workloads existed solely inside the physical walls of the data center. And while today’s computing environments have evolved beyond the boundary of the data center, complexity is simultaneously more prevalent and more easily dealt with than in yesterday’s more rigidly defined systems....

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    White Papers // May 2018 // provided by NetSuite

    We have all heard the phrase “cash is king.” It is the mantra most companies live by. It is also why purchasing an application to manage money is usually the first business software investment companies make. Providing core functionality at a reasonable price point has made QuickBooks the system norm...

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  • Six Reasons Why a VAR Should Add Managed Services

    White Papers // May 2018 // provided by ConnectWise

    As a value-added reseller in the technology space, the impact of rapid changes in the VAR landscape may have hit home with you. Pricing is becoming increasingly competitive. In an already low-margin environment, numbers continue to shrink, putting enormous pressure on achieving a survivable - let alone impressive - bottom...

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  • Embedded Analytics for Dummies - Qlik Special Edition

    White Papers // May 2018 // provided by Qlik

    Embedded analytics is the integration of analytical content and functionality into broad categories of user interfaces to provide customized insights on data for different audiences. Embedded analytics can help your business at several levels, with the potential to: Deliver new revenue streams Grow customer loyalty Improve competitive advantage

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  • Optimizing for Change Using Remote Support

    White Papers // May 2018 // provided by LogMeIn Rescue

    This HDI Toolkit is a series of practical "how-to" instructive job aids designed with the IT service management practitioner in mind. The Toolkit will help clarify the Shift-Left strategy, and address the increasing complexity of support al Level 1. It will also show how remote support can help relieve some...

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  • Three ways to try Red Hat Ansible Tower - Free Trial

    White Papers // May 2018 // provided by Red Hat

    Red Hat Ansible Tower is a powerful tool that can help you scale IT automation, manage complex deployments and speed productivity. Follow this link to download a Red Hat Ansible Tower free trial for your own Linux server, Vagrant or Amazon EC2.

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  • Achieving Your Database Goals Through Replication: Real World Market Insights and Best Practices

    White Papers // May 2018 // provided by Quest Software

    How many mission-critical databases are your peers managing? Who’s preparing for cloud migrations? How has downtime impacted other database administrators?Get the answers to these questions and many more in our new survey. We teamed up with DBTA and IOUG to check in with hundreds of DBAs – and the results...

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  • CIO's Guide to Modern Application Development

    White Papers // May 2018 // provided by Google Cloud

    Pressure on IT to deliver new functionality continues to drive faster software development cycles. While agility has always been important, today's IT teams must operate in a hybrid environment where applications take various forms: legacy systems that remain on-prem, existing applications migrated to the cloud, and new applications built with...

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  • 7 Steps to Compliance with GDPR

    White Papers // May 2018 // provided by Ipswitch

    The 7 Best-Practice Controls to Assure External Data Transfers are in Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Stolen Personal Data drives a thriving, global black market. In response, and to better protect its residents rights concerning their personal data, the EU has enacted the General Data Protection Regulation...

  • Combating the Scourge of Fileless Attacks

    White Papers // Apr 2018 // provided by Cylance

    Fileless malware poses a serious threat to traditional AV solutions by using discrete methods often invisible to standard threat detection. By hijacking legitimate resources to attack a host system, fileless malware can camouflage its presence and operate unnoticed. Cylance provides advanced tools that deprive fileless threats of the resources...

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