IT Policies

  • Software licensing policy

    Tools & Templates · Jun 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    Organizations spend a fortune on software licenses every year, and a lack of management around it can result in heavy fines. This policy will help you establish guidelines to make sure you're in compliance and that any audits will be painless. From the policy: Staying in compliance with...

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  • Cloud computing policy

    Tools & Templates · May 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    This policy provides guidelines for secure and effective cloud computing operations to ensure the integrity and privacy of company-owned information. From the policy: The list of advantages to cloud computing includes lowered operational costs, greater technological flexibility, and the ability to rapidly implement new systems or services. Gains in business...

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  • Software automation policy guidelines

    Tools & Templates · Apr 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    Software automation is used for many business and IT processes, depending on industry vertical and individual company business and IT needs. Because this automation is far-reaching, policy considerations touch on many areas. This set of guidelines will help you cover all the bases as you build a comprehensive software automation...

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  • Auditing and logging policy

    Tools & Templates · Feb 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    Auditing and logging are essential measures for protecting mission-critical systems and troubleshooting problems. This policy outlines the appropriate auditing and logging procedures for computer systems, networks, and devices that store or transport critical data. From the policy: Summary Many computer systems, network devices, and other technological hardware...

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  • Encryption policy

    Tools & Templates · Jan 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    Encryption offers a means of protecting data in transit or stored on devices--but organizations must follow proven methods and adhere to current standards for it to be effective. This policy outlines tested and recommended encryption technologies to help secure your corporate data. From the policy: Ciphers that are...

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  • System update policy

    Tools & Templates · Dec 2017 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    To ensure security and stability, it’s critical to have standardized, well-documented practices for installing software updates. This policy offers guidelines for managing the update process, logging changes, and handling backups and device decommissioning. From the policy: Maintaining a regular schedule of updates—as well as applying critical out-of-band patches as...

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  • New equipment budget policy

    Tools & Templates · Oct 2017 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    Investments in technological equipment and software can return high dividends in the form of employee productivity. But planning and tracking these expenses can be a challenge for IT departments, even with do-it-yourself strategies, such as BYOD. This policy (and the associated New Equipment Form) will help the IT department coordinate...

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  • Wireless networking policy

    Tools & Templates · Oct 2017 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    Wireless networks have given users enormous flexibility and lessened the burden of supporting their connectivity needs. But along with the benefits comes the critical need to make sure wireless networks are properly and securely configured. This policy establishes guidelines, prohibitions, and procedures for both IT and end users. From...

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  • Securing Linux policy

    Tools & Templates · Sep 2017 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    Linux has been the backbone of many businesses for decades. It has powered web servers, database systems, development machines, and employee workstations. And as with any OS, it’s essential to ensure that security standards are met in corporate environments. This policy offers guidelines for securing Linux on company computers and...

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  • Corporate gaming policy

    Tools & Templates · Aug 2017 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    Video games can benefit companies by giving employees a recreational outlet to build cooperation and morale. But they can also create problems if misused. This policy will help you establish the ground rules for permitting or prohibiting the use of company systems and networks for video gaming purposes. From...

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