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Collaboration among knowledge workers is happening internally and via social networks around the world. Get the latest insights into productivity management, security awareness, and leveraging social technologies to succeed in the 21st century marketplace.

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    Webcasts · Jul 2020 · Provided By Slack

    Join Atlassian and Slack CEOs as they share their insights on navigating the disruption of work. During this virtual panel, Mike Cannon‑Brookes and Stewart Butterfield will discuss how they are navigating leadership, employee well-being, the return to the office (or not), and how organisations can take action and emerge stronger....

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  • How to Calculate ROI on IoT in Water Utilities

    White Papers · Jul 2020 · Provided By Telstra

    Quantifying your return on investment in transformative technologies can be hard sometimes. It is particularly true of the Internet of things, as each industry, segment and organization has its own goals, challenges, and operating characteristics. This analysis evaluates the typical return water utilities like yours can expect from an...

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  • Solving Media Security Challenges in a Direct-to-Consumer World

    White Papers · Jul 2020 · Provided By Akamai

    Why Security Is More Important Than Ever in Today’s Direct-to-Consumer World For media and gaming companies, direct-to-consumer (DTC) business models are skyrocketing in importance. As business models move online, so too do the security risks. Hackers are more tempted than ever to steal highly valuable premium content and sensitive...

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  • The App Factory: A Slow Movement Towards Rapid Change

    Ebooks · Jun 2020 · Provided By F5

    In this day and age, application delivery- especially in large organisations with a mix of new and heritage systems is somewhat chaotic. Organisations are adopting DevOps practices and tools in an attempt to speed up the delivery of applications to the customer. The transition hasn't always been smooth. We are...

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  • Expert Insight eBook: Human Centric Service in a Time of Crisis

    Ebooks · Jun 2020 · Provided By Salesforce

    In today’s hyper-digital landscape, speed, and scale of service delivery remains a key advantage for customer experience teams. However, leading organisations are now looking at ways to drive emotional connections through human-centric services between the customer and their brand across digital platforms. Creating a holistic 360-degree view of your customer...

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  • The confident move to the cloud

    White Papers · May 2020 · Provided By IBM

    Over the past decade, cloud has become integral to digital and business transformation. This study shows that only 33% of enterprises are making progress in their cloud journeys. 66% of organizations surveyed cited that one of the key challenges, preventing a company from moving to the cloud, is ensuring...

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  • Inside Stories - SalesForce

    Presentations · Apr 2020 · Provided By Salesforce

    What happens when an entire organization uses Salesforce? See how Salesforce makes every employee more productive. Learn how our employees use Salesforce as an employee experience platform to: Streamline the employee help desk Connect to every app on the go Automate manual processes with apps

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  • Seven Strategies to Securely Enable Remote Workers

    White Papers · Apr 2020 · Provided By BlackBerry

    Is your organization ready to securely support a wide range of remote workers in the wake of a global pandemic? For businesses and other organizations, this preparedness should include leveraging a Zero Trust security architecture and the right tools to ensure workers can securely access company systems, data, and productivity...

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  • AI-Driven Security for a Mobile World

    White Papers · Apr 2020 · Provided By BlackBerry

    How BlackBerry Mobile Threat Defense uses AI-driven cybersecurity to protect mobile devices and simplify the user experience. The impact of mobile attacks can be staggering, rivaling the cost of traditional cyberattacks that target servers and desktop computers. Mobile devices present an especially attractive point of entry for all kinds of...

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  • What is the case for investing in your real estate technology?

    White Papers · Apr 2020 · Provided By IBM

    The Verdantix report provides real estate and facilities executives with a detailed analysis of the case for investing in real estate technology today. Their recommendation: in a quickly changing technology landscape, real estate execs should reassess their technologies every year. 70% of real estate and FM professionals believe that...

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