Social Enterprise

Collaboration among knowledge workers is happening internally and via social networks around the world. Get the latest insights into productivity management, security awareness, and leveraging social technologies to succeed in the 21st century marketplace.

  • Collaboration That's More Powerful, Productive, and Secure

    Ebooks · Jun 2016 · Provided By Box

    The Leading Solution for Productivity and Security Today’s IT organizations are asked to give employees the devices and applications they need to work anywhere, while protecting their company’s most valuable information from increasingly sophisticated security threats. Traditional on-premises solutions aren’t cutting it – they restrict collaboration, limit choice...

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  • Ultimate Guide To Channel Management Strategy

    Ebooks · Jun 2016 · Provided By Relayware

    Channel management is moving to a new level! The next wave of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is Partnering Automation, and it delivers functionality and impact that channel marketers and their partners need to accelerate business growth. This high-performance, high-value partner management system supercharges partner recruitment, enablement, engagement and growth...

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  • Securing Enterprise Identities for Dummies

    Ebooks · May 2016 · Provided By Centrify

    According to Mandiant, 100% of recent data breaches were tied to compromised identity credentials.* Two key reasons for this are a dissolving security perimeter, and the fact that enterprise organizations have not taken a comprehensive approach to fighting against the fastest-growing vector for cyber attacks. Access this go-to guide to...

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  • Make your Mobile Device Your Virtual Briefcase

    Ebooks · Apr 2016 · Provided By Citrix ShareFile

    Discover how to be productive on the go with your mobile device. You can maintain timely collaboration from anywhere just by using your mobile device. By using certain features, your productivity doesn’t have to stop at the airport or the hotel. Discover how your mobile device can help you:...

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  • Trade Secrets from Security Experts

    Ebooks · Mar 2016 · Provided By FORTINET

    The risk of a breach is growing rapidly due to more devises and more applications hitting your infrastructure. We asked security experts about their biggest concerns for advanced persistent threats and application based attacks. Two Security experts reveal their challenges and share advice on advance persistent threats. Read what they...

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  • eBook: The Guide to Selecting Flash for Virtual Environments

    Ebooks · Feb 2016 · Provided By Tegile Systems, Inc.

    Written by by George Crump, Lead Analyst for Storage Switzerland. High-performance flash-based storage has dramatically improved the storage infrastructure’s ability to respond to the demands of servers and the applications that count on it. Nowhere does this improvement have more potential than in the virtualized-server environment. The performance benefits of...

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  • Enterprise NoSQL For Dummies, MarkLogic Special Edition

    Ebooks · Feb 2016 · Provided By MarkLogic

    NoSQL means a release from the constraints imposed on database management systems by the relational database model. This eBook will give you an understanding of what NoSQL is, when you should consider using a NoSQL database over a relational one and when to use both. In addition, this book introduces...

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  • Buyers Guide to Financial Management

    Ebooks · Feb 2016 · Provided By NetSuite Inc.

    Managing your company's financials is the backbone of your business and is vital to the long-term health and viability of your company. To continue applying the necessary financial rigor to support rapid growth, you need the right tools to most efficiently achieve this. Read this white paper to understand...

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  • Jama eBook - Failure: Analyze It, Don't Humanize It

    Ebooks · Jul 2015 · Provided By Jama Software

    Beat the Law of Market Failure-an expert's POV. Alberto Savoia, formerly of Google and originator of the brilliant theory of "pretotyping," has created a product builder's philosophy that encourages a healthy, objective, and best of all, productive analysis of failure that takes the pain out of failure and improves ideas,...

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  • Jama eBook: A Modern Take on the Agile Manifesto

    Ebooks · Jul 2015 · Provided By Jama Software

    When the Agile Manifesto was published in 2001, our workplace looked very different from how it does today. Despite major changes in how we work, our interpretation of the Manifesto hasn't changed in over a decade. So what does today's Agile look like? Do the values of the Manifesto still...

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