Social Enterprise

Collaboration among knowledge workers is happening internally and via social networks around the world. Get the latest insights into productivity management, security awareness, and leveraging social technologies to succeed in the 21st century marketplace.

  • How to Futureproof Your Business eGuide

    Training · Aug 2016 · Provided By Sage Live

    Your business may be competitive and successful today, but how will it perform in the future? It’s all too easy to be immersed in—perhaps even obsessed by—your daily operations. That’s why thinking about what your business and the market will look like one year, five years, even a decade from...

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  • A Quick Guide to Partner Recruitment & On-Boarding

    Training · Jan 2016 · Provided By Relayware

    Recruiting the right channel partners for your business is not easy. It can take a lot of time, thought and effort to get it right. And, once you’ve worked hard to recruit, you need your partners to maximize their sales potential and indeed want to sell your products / services...

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