From servers to storage and networking, virtualization is the technology that drives efficiency and convergence. Go behind the hypervisor hype and discover actionable advice and expertise here.

  • Curious about how cloud can help your business? (AU)

    White Papers · Feb 2019 · Provided By Google

    With the Google Cloud resource hub, you'll get access to exclusive content, specially curated to help you get ahead on the cloud. Here’s what you can expect: Access to content from our partners McKinsey & Company, Forrester Research, Harvard Business Review, and more; Access to exclusive trainings...

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  • Understanding Augmented & Virtual Reality

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By Fujitsu America, Inc.

    The creation of an immersive virtual setting requires students to understand the immersive visual and audio environment of the world they intend their characters to inhabit. Development of a digital story arc requires an understanding of sequence, causality and communication of meaning to digital story viewers. Virtual Digital Storytelling sits...

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  • Workplace 2020 The technology that powers the near-future office

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By HP

    We are entering a new era of IT one that fundamentally re imagines where we work, the way we work, and how we provide the tools for work. Businesses are yet to catch up to the cultural and technological changes occurring around them. They are aware of the seismic technologies...

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  • Solution Brief: Puppet and VMWare vRealize Automation

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By Puppet Labs

    Puppet integrates with both vRealize Automation™ and Cloud Assembly™ to deliver self-service infrastructure to developers without sacrificing governance. Together, Puppet and VMware expedite production-ready infrastructure on "day one" and ensure compliant configurations on "day two" and beyond, offering automated, one-click self-service provisioning, orchestrated deployments, and continuous configuration and enforcement for...

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  • Best Practices for Migrating to Containerized Applications

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By Red Hat

    When thinking about migrating applications into containers, there are three main high-level strategies: lift and shift, augment, and rewrite. No matter which method you choose, it it important to recognize that most software was designed and written before modern, image-based containers were invented. To successfully move to containers, you...

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  • A Guide for High-performance Networks

    White Papers · Nov 2018 · Provided By Telstra

    Whether you’re managing international business expansion or optimising what you currently have, ensuring the network is a platform to enable growth for your organisation is a key priority for CIOs and IT professionals.In this guide, we explore networking best practices and the key technology decisions you need to consider.

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  • Riverbed Digital Performance Global Survey 2018

    White Papers · Nov 2018 · Provided By Riverbed

    Industries all over the globe are adopting a digital-first strategy to better meet customer demands and to spur business growth. Those who embrace digital will thrive. Those who don’t may never catch up. Riverbed commissioned a global survey to better understand the forces that are driving businesses to go...

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  • ESG Analyst Report: Rethinking Network Performance in Hybrid Clouds

    White Papers · Nov 2018 · Provided By Riverbed

    Even as cloud has changed the network landscape of IT, the network performance monitoring (NPM) tools we use have not changed. With traditional monitoring tools unable to provide cloud visibility, it is time to rethink how we monitor network performance in hybrid clouds.Read the new ESG report, Rethinking Network Performance...

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  • Cisco Webex Teams Security Whitepaper

    White Papers · Nov 2018 · Provided By Optus cisco

    Cisco Webex is a cloud collaboration platform that provides messaging, calling and meeting features. The Cisco Webex Teams application is a client app that connects to this platform, and provides a comprehensive tool for teamwork. Users can send messages, share files, and meet with different teams, all in one place....

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  • Data Privacy for Public Cloud: Enabling Reliable Cloud Analytics

    White Papers · Oct 2018 · Provided By SAS

    In an age where organisations are under ever-increasing pressure to build trust and provide a secure service, keeping data safe is essential. The rise of public cloud platforms has increased concerns over data security; specifically Personal Data Protection and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This paper highlights the key business...

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