Accelerate Your Move to the Cloud With a Fully Managed DBaaS

Today’s uncertain economic landscape is pushing more business transactions online, and for some industries this abrupt shift is taxing legacy web applications at Black Friday levels. Many IT organizations have accelerated their migrations to the cloud in order to accommodate more users and cut costs. Even for businesses that have slowed down or remained steady, the clear lesson is that the best time to move to the cloud is before disruption forces your hand.

In this webinar you’ll see how Couchbase Cloud™, our high-performance, fully managed NoSQL Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), enables you to:

  • Deploy, manage, and operate across multicloud environments with just a few clicks
  • Control your own security and access policies
  • Choose from over a dozen AWS instance types to optimize performance
  • Automate deployment, scaling, failure recovery, and upgrades
  • Unify cluster management, monitoring, and alerting from a single console
  • Migrate from and backup to a hybrid cloud with multi-region support
  • Get high performance and low TCO with transparent licensing options and policies

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