Choosing Cyber Resilience Also Means Choosing Better Data Protection (Dutch)

Organizations and suppliers of security products have been targeting the wrong ‘disasters’ for decades. More attention should be paid to cyber resilience, especially in the field of data protection.

As a supplier of products and services related to backup and recovery, Rubrik is continuously working on the theme of cyber resilience. What can this company do for organizations in this area? Wouldn’t it be better to continue to focus on prevention? And how can a party like Rubrik help link SecOps and ITOps, which we talked about in the second video of this triptych?

The concept of immutability plays an important role in this story. Together with Jerry Rijnbeek of Rubrik, we go into depth about what this means and why it is so important. We also discuss how to place Rubrik’s offerings in the broader security context and look ahead to the future of cyber resilience and the role Rubrik should continue to play in this.

Watch now this video on cyber resilience!

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