Evolving Work Management at the Happiest Place on Earth (Webinar)

If you’ve ever attended Leap, Workfront’s annual user conference, you understand the importance of continually adapting the way we all work to the realities of the day. In today’s soon-to-be post-pandemic world, that effort is more urgent than ever.

In an EARidescent world of magic and joy, where dreams come true and everything is sprinkled with pixie dust, have you ever thought about how that magic is made? Who makes sure the world gets to see what’s happening inside the Happiest Place on Earth?

Watch this webinar now to learn about the journey to introduce Creative Project Management to a legacy agency built inside the Princess’ Castle – Disney Yellow Shoes. You’ll learn about:

  • Once Upon a Time: How it all started
  • Failing Forward: What we’ve learned
  • Just Keep Swimming: Re-imagineering CPM
  • Venturing into the Unknown: Plans for the future
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