How Criminals are Playing the Gaming Industry And What You Can Do About It

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Online security threats are more pervasive than ever, and games have become a primary target for attackers. And why wouldn’t they be? These days, there’s real money to be stolen in the virtual world of gaming. Hackers reportedly stole 218 million personal player records from a major gaming company recently.

Game developers have to think about security from the start to go beyond the cat-and-mouse game with hackers. How do you protect your game and users from the wide variety of threats today? How will this be different in the future? And how do you integrate this security with the rest of the game to ensure good performance?

View this webinar to learn how to avoid becoming the next victim in online security threats with gaming.

You’ll learn:

  • How to protect your game and players from a growing amount of online security threats
  • The latest trends in credential abuse and account hacks in gaming
  • How web attacks are evolving and where they are headed in the future
  • How to integrate security best practices with the rest of the game for best performance


  • Jonathan Singer, Sr. Manager, Global Games Industry, Akamai Technologies
  • Scott Adams, Founder and CEO, FraudPVP
  • Lonnye Bower, COO, ProbablyMonsters
  • Steve Ragan, Sr. Technical Writer, Akamai Technologies
  • Dean Takahashi, Lead Gaming Writer, VentureBeat

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