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The hybrid cloud approach is the storage option that gives customers the best cost, flexibility and scalability today, says Douglas O’Flaherty from IBM when he spoke with George Crump at VMworld 2016. One great way to manage cost is to use the cloud as both a burst capacity area, and a place to store cold copies of data that are no longer needed to run the business.

The cloud can store such data cheaper than most companies can store it themselves. The cloud is also infinitely scalable and does not require the customer to do anything in order to get more capacity. Instead of “if you build it, they will come” it’s “if you fill it, they will just give you more.” But not everything should be stored in the public cloud. Some data needs the performance and security that is only accessible when stored on premises. This is why the hybrid approach gives the most flexibility. George Crump and Douglas O’Flaherty cover all of this in this engaging interview from VMworld 2016.

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