Mobile Devices, Wearables and the Future of Identity

Today, the very concept of digital identity is under fire. Every week, we read about a new hack, a new attack, a new financial and public relations disaster for a company we previously thought of as rock-solid and well-managed. But when “bad guys” can spoof the identity of someone with trusted access, the consequences can be devastating.
CBS Interactive is proud to present “Mobile devices, wearables, and the future of identity,” a recording of a live, interactive webcast about how the small devices we carry with us everywhere can help keep even the biggest companies more secure.

  • Learn how corporate security environments are going way beyond usernames and passwords.
  • Explore how devices like smartphones and even smart watches can add extra layers of protection to your most sensitive data assets.
  • Discover how you can integrate mobile devices and wearables so that even your fussiest senior executives are willing to use multifactor authentication.

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