Transform Your Database into an Engine of Innovation

Nutanix, the undisputed leader in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), has developed a unique software platform solution that simplifies the management of all your databases, optimizes workload performance, provides integrated security and availability across the entire database estate, while driving operational efficiency up (improving productivity) and driving costs of operations down.

The secret sauce is in the blending of our innovative HCI software platform that not only virtualizes but also consolidates your databases into a single, easy to manage plane. Then add our automated database services, with one-click operations that enable databases to be provisioned in minutes, patches to be completed during your lunch hour (not your weekend!), and copy/paste cloning capabilities that use zero bytes – yes, zero bytes, saving you plenty in storage costs.

In This Webinar Event You’ll Discover

  • Linear scaling with zero forklift upgrades, zero downtime
  • One-click DB management that can provision, clone, patch, refresh, and backup in just a few minutes
  • Built-in DB automation, including provisioning, CDM, patching & upgrading
  • Non-disruptive IT operations with self-healing architecture that recovers proactively

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