Why Evolving Data Trends Demand Highly Available Edge Database Deployments

As modern business becomes more data driven, we’re seeing significant changes in how enterprises value data, where and how they use it, and where they keep it. In this webinar, 451 Research will share their insights on key data trends, including how data is growing and how perceptions about data are evolving. They’ll explain how new database platform technologies are adapting to these changes, and the best way to use these technologies in your business applications.

Couchbase will then discuss how edge database deployments can enable much higher availability for your edge applications than the cloud ever can.

We’ll cover:

  • The evolution of “the edge”
  • Why businesses value high availability, and how edge plays an integral role in guaranteeing it
  • Examples of different edge database deployment models
  • How Couchbase’s industry-leading NoSQL technology supports edge deployment models

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