10 Must-Haves In Choosing A Machine Learning Platform

Be truly ready when developing and deploying AI, machine learning and analytics

Many organizations see artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and analytics as the magic elixir for streamlining processes and uncovering opportunities.
It is true that AI helps organizations achieve a competitive advantage. But in a rush to gain benefits, many organizations implement parts of an AI system, failing to consider necessary components until it is too late.

Watch this Webinar featuring Forrester’s Mike Gualtieri and OpenText’s Mark Gamble to learn:

  • The 10 essential elements you must consider when choosing AI and ML technologies.
  • Whether your organization has the processing power to handle the massive amounts of data required for machine learning.
  • How to ensure your system is flexible enough to meet all customization requirements.
  • How OpenText provides the must-haves for machine learning in its OpenText™ Magellan™ platform.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Mike Gualtieri of Forrester talk about AI and Machine Learning. To implement a rock-solid platform in your organization, watch the webinar now!

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