2020 Global Threat Report CrowdCast

Featuring CrowdStrike VP of Intelligence Adam Meyers and VP of Falcon OverWatch™and Security Response Jennifer Ayers as they examine the notable threats, events and trends from the report. They will also offer actionable recommendations that can guide your cybersecurity strategy and help defend against sophisticated attacks in 2020 and beyond.

Here are some highlights of what will be covered:

  • Ransomware incidents continue to employ more sophisticated tactics and collect bigger payouts than ever before.
  • Cybercriminals are weaponizing sensitive data through the threat of leaking embarrassing or proprietary information.
  • The rise of “Big Game Hunting” ransomware campaigns has transformed the eCrime world into an interconnected web of services for criminals.
  • State-based targeted attacks continue, with significant operations observed from Iran, DPRK, China, Russia and others.
  • The trend toward malware-free attacks accelerated, with malware-free surpassing the volume of malware attacks.

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