3 ways to turn today’s fickle buyers into loyal customers

Today’s customers are far more empowered and demanding than ever before; they have more choices, more sources of information, and the ability to communicate and share information with others. They’re mobile and expect instant gratification.

This also makes them impatient. If your company can’t provide what they need, when they need it, they’ll go elsewhere. There’s some good news here, as well: If you can be responsive to customers, if you can provide them choices, answers, and delightful experiences, they’re likely to be loyal buyers and even brand (or product) advocates.

Building loyalty and engagement doesn’t have to be difficult. CBS Interactive is proud to present “3 ways to turn today’s fickle buyers into loyal customers,” a live, interactive webcast exploring new and powerful ways you can give customers the experiences they demand.

  • Learn how fostering loyalty and higher engagement rates can vastly increase profitability by boosting customer lifetime value
  • Explore common challenges that high-growth companies face when working with their customer base, and how the customer experience (CX) may be optimized to improve retention and loyalty
  • Discover new ways that CX Cloud-based systems can maximize the profitability of your sales pipeline, help you gain much-needed insights into customer needs, identify new expansion opportunities, and build a bigger customer base

Don’t miss “3 ways to turn today’s fickle buyers into loyal customers.” Join PureMatter CEO Bryan Kramer and industry expert Michael Krigsman, founder of CXOTalk.com, in a lively discussion about how you can optimize your CX strategy to improve your customer relationships, and, in doing so, improve your bottom line.

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