5 Essential Techniques for Approaching IT Alert Fatigue

By now, large enterprises and service providers have thoroughly instrumented their IT infrastructures with a complex ecosystem of monitoring tools. This tooling provides visibility into their infrastructure to be sure, but it inadvertently generates a pandemonium of near-useless noise.

IT Ops has no choice but to turn down the volume, thus missing the rare important alert and thus setting themselves up for failure. This alert fatigue can adversely impact operations performance and in turn, customer experience.

The good news: there are modern techniques and technologies that address the IT alert fatigue problem, enabling Ops teams to focus on the information they need to solve problems quickly and keep everything running smoothly.

On this webinar, industry analyst Jason Bloomberg will discuss the challenges of IT alert fatigue and describe 5 essential approaches that IT Ops teams should be leveraging in order to overcome alert fatigue and offer a better quality of service.

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