Advanced Observability for Red Hat OpenShift Webinar On-demand

Top performing organisations know that they must build and run new software at speed and scale — and migrate strategic workloads to the cloud — as quickly as possible to meet increasing demands for more features, faster. While this is imperative to be competitive, there are challenges along the way as companies look to build new cloud-native apps, refactor monolithic apps, containerize legacy apps, or a combination of approaches.

Watch the joint Red Hat & Dynatrace On-Demand webinar as they share how to scale your OpenShift workload with confidence using Dynatrace’s full-stack monitoring platform to:

  • Move more app workloads to the cloud with less risk, costs and downtime.
  • Improve DevOps cycle of your organisation and transform your pipelines into a robust and scalable flow

The On-Demand webinar is hosted by Myrvin Yap, Cloud Strategist at Dynatrace, and joined by Hendra Sutanto, OpenShift Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat.

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