Considerations when Deploying GPUs as AI Infrastructure (IBM & NVIDIA )

This webinar explores options for enterprises looking to deploy GPUs, on the journey to AI. Join IBM and NVIDIA as we explore the opportunities and options for organizations looking to transition from traditional servers to GPU powered systems, specifically for AI workloads. We’ll explore the impact GPUs can have on performance, by workload. We’ll look at recent innovations in using GPUs for general purpose computing, and we’ll look at ways in which organizations can optimize their GPU infrastructure deployments. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Candidates for GPU acceleration – Explore the types of workloads where GPUs make sense
  • Recent GPU innovations – Learn about the state of the art in GPU acceleration, from speeds & feeds to AI-specific technical advancements
  • Performance optimization – Explore the impact I/O and CPUs can have upon GPU performance for AI workloads

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