Critical System Lockdown and Application Control

We live in a rapidly changing world. Security threats and compliance requirements have grown increasingly sophisticated and complex. Continued reliance on legacy antivirus solutions, aging hardware and unsupported software environments, combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), has left critical systems more vulnerable than ever.

It is imperative that security teams take back control of the endpoint and safeguard intellectual property and sensitive data – without impacting system performance.

Join us as Michael Reznick, Senior Systems Engineer at Carbon Black, discusses how to secure your most critical systems. In this webinar, you’ll discover how application control can help:

  • Stop attacks by allowing only approved software to run.
  • Prevent unwanted change to system configuration at the kernel and user mode levels.
  • Power device control and file integrity monitoring and control (FIM/FIC) capabilities.
  • Meet IT risk and audit controls across major regulatory mandates.
  • Automate software approvals and updates via IT and cloud-driven policies.

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