Deploying Spark in a Production Environment: Opportunities, Challenges and Practical Solutions

Many organizations are looking to maximize competitive advantage by using Apache Spark, a highly versatile cluster-computing framework that is widely viewed as the successor to Apache MapReduce. Success in such projects depends on understanding and addressing the challenges of deploying Spark in a large organizational environment.

Join us to hear Carl Olofson, IDC Research Vice President, Application Development and Deployment, review the growing interest in Spark. He will be joined by Scott Campbell, an IBM Platform Computing Product Manager, who will describe how an enterprise-grade, multi-tenant solution can help you deploy Spark in a production environment to take advantage of

  • Faster time-to-results for big data analytics
  • Simplified deployment and management
  • Increased utilization of hardware resources


Carl Olofson

Vice President at IDC

Scott Campbell

IBM Platform Symphony Product Manager
IBM Systems

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