Everyone's A Publisher - On-Demand Webinar

Provided by: MarkLogic
Topic: Tech Industry
Format: Webcast
Your customers are being inundated with content all day long from companies like yours that are trying to be engaging. How do you make sure that the most relevant content is in their inbox? How do your marketing and sales teams keep up with content requests?

In this 60-minute webinar, join MarkLogic colleagues Matt Turner, CTO Media Solutions and Diane Burley, Chief Content Specialist. Both Turner and Burley have come from the break-neck world of media - where deadlines are yesterday and updates are constant.

For marketers who need to get consistent, contextually relevant messages across all possible touch points, they need the flexibility of an agile brand management platform. Take a page from some of the world's largest media companies -- and build a dynamic publishing platform, powered by MarkLogic.

Please be sure to join us and learn how to:
- Ensure a consistent brand experience - Gain efficiencies in the creation of content
- Leverage content components across channels
- Apply the learnings on the content consumption

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