Google Hangout: Google Apps – Breaking with Tradition for Business Tasks and Collaboration

Join CBSi experts Bill Detwiler, David Gewirtz, and Michael Steinhart as they discuss how collaboration tools like Google Hangouts and collaboration-enabled tools like Google Apps are breaking down the walls between employees, projects, teams, and partner organizations. Bringing a mix of hands-on experience migrating to modern collaboration offerings and the deep market and product understanding provided by CBS Interactive, Tech Republic, and TechPro Research teams, you’ll get a no-holds-barred, actionable hour you can put to use immediately.

Michael, Bill, and David discuss ways to overcome collaboration challenges (like the old school mailing of documents), where Google Apps vs. Microsoft 365 are in the marketplace, and how Google Apps and Office 365 features stack up.

  • Learn some of the favorite collaboration tips and techniques our experts use every day
  • Discover what Michael, Bill, and David each consider their favorite
  • Explore where mobile-enabled productivity apps fit into the business collaboration world going forward.

Of particular relevance, given all the headlines about security breaches, our experts discuss the security implications of collaboration and discuss some best practices that you share with your team. They also discuss how your company can make the switch, how you can help change entrenched workflow habits, and finally, how the collaboration space (and, as a result, your business) will evolve over the next 5-10 years.

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