How CISOs Tackle Insider Threat Data Protection

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Topic: Security
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78% of employees pose critical threats to your security, says a study from the Ponemon Institute (1). Whether they’re disgruntled or simply make a mistake, your employee “insiders” regularly put your most confidential data at risk every day.

According to Ponemon, innocent accidents cause more security incidents than intentional or malicious acts – even your best employees put your data at risk. So how do you best enable your teams to access the data they need while keeping it safe?

Hear how a real-world CISO plans, implements and manages an insider threat program. Find out how you enable employees to use disruptive, transformative technology while keeping sensitive data safe. Gain practical insights into planning and implementing an Insider Threat program, including employee education and adoption and executive sponsorship.

(1) “Privileged User Abuse & The Insider Threat,” Ponemon Institute 2014.
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