Innovate, Scale and Grow with Cloud Tech

The term “innovation” is often associated with silicon valley startups backed by private equity firms, firms that place hundreds of little bets hoping one produces a windfall that covers the rest. Everyday businesses, however, don’t have that luxury. Knowing where to invest and the types of technology to use is critical for growing a business and providing value to customers.

Join us for an exclusive webcast featuring Marc Murphy, CEO of Atlatl Software, to learn how investment in cloud technologies yielded a halo effect that helped Atlatl:

  • Leverage its existing investments in ERP and CRM
  • Expand cross-system support for better customer integration
  • Improve speed and accuracy through automation

Murphy will share his experiences with Oracle Cloud, explaining how Oracle helps integrate cloud resources with on-premises systems and supports expansion and scale-up for today’s businesses. You’ll find out how Atlatl built its business from the ground up, and how the right partnerships can help any company succeed in today’s hyper-competitive market.

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