Laying the IT foundation for personalized medicine

Personalized medicine is no longer a future fantasy—for some healthcare organizations, it’s a present reality for how they’re treating patients. As more genomic information comes into play in treating patients, more hospitals are looking for ways to incorporate personalized medicine into their existing healthcare delivery frameworks. Making that shift will result in unprecedented demands on healthcare organizations’ IT systems, and redefine how clinicians interact with clinical information systems.

This session looks at some of the challenges that personalized medicine will present for providers. A presenter who is already using personalized medicine in care delivery will share what providers can do now to prepare for the change.

This web seminar will examine:

  • The challenges and opportunities personalized medicine will present to providers
  • How to make evolutionary changes in systems to meet these demands
  • Real-world examples of how personalized medicine can make a difference, both for patients and the providers that treat them

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