On-Demand Webcast: Five ways the cloud can help you manage and secure enterprise mobility

By now, we’re all familiar with the seismic changes that have hit corporate computing in the last few years. At the top of the list is the new primacy that mobile devices play in everyone’s work experience. We’re connected and updated and in touch at all times. For workers, there’s a boost to productivity and freedom. But for IT, all that variety, freedom, and mobility sometimes seems like a recipe for chaos
Keeping track of the security, permissions, and activities of desk-bound employees is a tall order. Applying that same level of oversight and control to mobile workers who have a plethora of smart phones, laptops, and tablets is near-impossible.
CBS Interactive is proud to present “Five ways the cloud can help you manage and secure enterprise mobility”, an on-demand, interactive webcast that can help you take control of your entire fleet of mobile devices, no matter whether they’re Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or even Linux.

  • Learn about the challenges inherent in managing heterogeneous devices in multiple locations around the world
  • Explore ways organizations can impose a layer of control and management from the cloud
  • Discover how you can not only improve management, but keep your entire company and all your employees safer in a world of ever-increasing risks
  • Don’t miss “Five ways the cloud can help you manage and secure enterprise mobility.” Join CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise (the classic book that served as a foundation for today’s agile business movement), in a lively discussion about how your employees can be protected while using their mobile devices and how you can use the cloud to centralize mobile device management.

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