Live Webcast – Getting to Smart: New Storage Options for the Savvy Small Business

For companies large and small today, it’s all about improving the customer experience and getting new ideas to market faster. You want to capture the true value of your data and be ready to leverage emerging technologies like AI and machine learning to glean new insights and ideas. You’re ready to move. But is your storage ready? Is your storage intelligent enough to keep up with your applications and your business? Can it predict problems while providing you the flexibility to capitalize on hybrid and private cloud? If not, you need smarter, simpler infrastructure.

Learn how HPE’s all-flash options can improve your storage experience and provide you with the predictive analytics that keep your business humming. See how new, storage solutions, tailored for your small business, go beyond large capacity to provide the flexibility, intelligence and security your business needs for a world of digital opportunities.

Join us for this special event, featuring HPE Worldwide Storage Strategist Jorge Maestre and CBSi editor John Gallant, to learn about the critical business value of all-flash storage.

  • Discover how new all-flash storage with predictive analytics changes the game for small businesses, freeing you to focus on market-moving opportunities while reducing costs and improving security.
  • Learn how to leap frog even the largest enterprise companies with flexible, cloud-enabled storage that lets you capture the true business value of your data.
  • Explore how HPE tailors storage solutions to your needs and provides the clearest path to a future of smarter, simpler infrastructure.
  • Register today and join us for this strategic session on Getting to Smart: New Storage Options for the Savvy Small Business.

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