Live Webcast – Integrating the cloud: Six secrets to building effective enterprise-level collaboration

There was a time when enterprise applications and workloads existed solely inside the physical walls of the data center. And while today’s computing environments have evolved beyond the boundary of the data center, complexity is simultaneously more prevalent and more easily dealt with than in yesterday’s more rigidly defined systems. We need to solve issues proactively, especially when it comes to the speed and agility of our responses.

Contemporary enterprises comprise a multi-layered, often multicloud mixture of pre-existing commercial SaaS apps, proprietary code and data, service APIs that provide needed functionality. You must manage through this complexity while maintaining very high degrees of functionality and flexibility. That often means taking into account unknown variables and adjusting for them at speed.

In theory, these collaborations are wonderful, because they can reduce your time to deployment, cut costs, and increase agility. However, you’re often stuck struggling with security issues, data integration issues, vendor finger-pointing, messaging challenges, and innovation bottlenecks – not to mention disgruntled developers fighting over tools and coding styles.

There is a way to have both a highly collaborative and a highly efficient and effective multicloud environment. CBS Interactive is proud to present “Integrating the cloud: Six secrets to building effective enterprise-level collaboration,” a live, interactive webcast covering six key considerations you should bear in mind as you connect applications in the cloud and across your enterprise.

  • Learn how enterprise-level applications have changed from homogenous, data center-based applications to complex, multi-organizational, multi-vendor, and multicloud projects
  • Explore the tools and capabilities needed to manage, control, and secure multi-enterprise collaboration
  • Discover new approaches for managing and integrating development across teams and organizations in order to leverage cloud applications successfully and flexibly
  • Don’t miss “Integrating the cloud: Six secrets to building effective enterprise-level collaboration.” Join CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise, in a lively discussion about how your enterprise can take control of cloud integrations, bring projects to life more quickly, more cost effectively, and with reduced stress and strife across teams.

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