Live Webcast- Keys to Crafting a High-Performing AppSec Strategy

Application security is in a time of transition, and security teams need a solid strategy to address new threats, architectures, and the scale of modern applications. On one side, APIs and microservices are greatly expanding the application attack surface, and DevOps and CI/CD are bringing unprecedented velocity and scale to application development. At the same time, security teams have limited resources to deal with an overwhelming diversity and sophistication of threats from traditional exploits to automated threats, bots, DDoS, defacement, and more.

In this webinar, we will take a closer look at these challenges and discuss best practices for building an AppSec strategy that seamlessly adapts to your architecture and dev cycle while stopping the most advanced threats. All without the constant tuning of rules and signatures.

Key topics will include:

  • Defending Against Modern Threats – Key components and techniques required to defend against injection, malicious automation, DDoS and more, without signatures.
  • Securing APIs – Gartner predicts APIs will be the leading source of breaches by 2022. Learn proven approaches to protect this neglected attack surface.
  • Securing Microservice Architectures – How to build “elastic” security strategies that scale with your containerized and microservice environments.
  • Collaborate with DevOps while Retaining Independence – Learn how you can run at the speed of DevOps without friction, while retaining control over your risk.

Join ThreatX CISO, Jeremiah Cruit, for this 45-minute webinar as he addresses some of the biggest challenges in AppSec and how to build an architecture to solve them.

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