Live Webcast: Michigan Voting Apps Scale to Support National Elections

Provided by: Compuware
Topic: Big Data
Format: HTML
Date: Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
Time: 9:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM ET

You may think this year's election is front-of-mind for most people, but can you imagine being responsible for supporting the voting application infrastructure for an entire state on Election Day?

Every four years, Michigan's Department of Information Technology rises to meet a challenge unique among all fifty states. Where most states have well under 100 jurisdictions to manage, Michigan has over 1,100 voting townships - each one a potential point of failure in a critical process. Underpinning this complex system are 3,000 servers, 3,000 network devices and one of the world's largest database replication systems. Learn how the State of Michigan employs state-of-the-art application performance management (APM) best practices to prepare for the big day, as well as to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues in record time.

Join senior project manager for the State of Michigan, JP Jackson, as he provides an overview of the enterprise monitoring team with specifics on how they improve application performance, availability and problem resolution with APM.

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