Live Webcast – Overcoming Roadblocks to a Successful Digital Transformation

By now, most IT executives have given some consideration to the idea of digital transformation or are somewhere on the road to this new level of IT innovation. The promises of improved customer experience, improved operational efficiency, increased innovation, and better management of business risk are deeply compelling.

Unfortunately, while all that fits very nicely in a PowerPoint presentation, hands-on implementation can be more challenging. It’s at that point that you start encountering multi-vendor conflict, on-premises vs. cloud implementation challenges, development delays, organizational silos, legacy equipment challenges, and ever-increasing security challenges. And yet, to compete in an increasingly agile and global environment, transform you must.
CBS Interactive is proud to present “Overcoming roadblocks to a successful digital transformation,” a live and interactive webcast about common roadblocks to digital transformation and how you can overcome them.

  • Learn about digital transformation challenges from real-world examples
  • Discover strategies to overcome these roadblocks by aligning cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid IT
  • Explore how partnering with CenturyLink and Microsoft can help you meet challenges confidently and fulfill the promise of digital transformation

Don’t miss “Overcoming roadblocks to a successful digital transformation.” Join Scott Brindamour, Senior Director, Architect Team of Advanced Technology Solutions at CenturyLink; Brian Bosserman, Hybrid Cloud Solution Architect and Strategist at Microsoft; and David Gewirtz, CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer and author of “The Flexible Enterprise,” in a lively discussion about how your company can succeed with its digital transformation.

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