Live Webcast: Rethinking printers in 2018: Benefits, Security Issues, Challenges, and The Cloud

In our mobile-first, cloud-first world, where everyone is doing business from just about anywhere, it’s often difficult to see where printers, the workhorse of business, fit in.

Despite all the changes – or perhaps because of all the changes – printing has become even more mission-critical. Whether it’s a creative comp or a confidential contract, printing is an essential business function. Today’s printers are often multifunction devices, requiring day-to-day management of mechanical, networking, communications, and consumable goods.

Printers have been networked for decades, so it comes as no surprise that printers now connect to the Internet. What may come as a surprise is the reality that once your printers are connected to the Internet, they’re just a mere hop, skip, and jump away from cybercriminals.

It’s not just your storage systems, networks, and servers that need to be protected; your printers need protection as well. In addition to protecting sensitive data, the latest generation of printers can make work easier, improve productivity, facilitate collaboration, and help you get deals done.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “Rethinking printers in 2018: Benefits, security issues, challenges, and the cloud,” a live, interactive webcast covering the benefits and critical issues you need to keep in mind as you integrate printers into your workflows and security strategies in 2018 and beyond.

  • Learn about the threats and vulnerabilities that older-generation printers may pose
  • Explore the critical capabilities you should be looking for in next-generation printers and how to create the most efficiencies when managing your multifunction device fleet
  • Discover how helpful the newest printers can be, especially in a mobile-first, cloud-first environment

Don’t miss “Rethinking printers in 2018: Benefits, security issues, challenges, and the cloud.” Join CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise and John McCoubrie, Manager of AMS Print Services Programs at HP, in a lively discussion about how next-generation, cloud-connected printers can not only keep your organization safe, but make everyone’s job a little easier.

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