Live Webcast SMB Ready Microsoft SQL Server for the Software Defined Data Center

Would you like a scalable, end-to-end solution that includes best of breed technologies compatible with tomorrow’s hybrid cloud and IT deployments?

Deploying Microsoft SQL Server on VMware, with a hybrid cloud design, empowers small and medium sized businesses to leverage both on-premises and off-premises assets and create an optimized deployment model for their BI, analytics, and databases.

This solution is the key to maximizing data center asset utilization. Join Bob Schaar, Segment Solutions Leader, SLED and SMB at HPE, to learn how your business can start benefiting from this solution to support next-generation apps and workloads.

  • Discover why even SMBs need enterprise-class IT.
  • Learn how a software defined data center model keeps costs under control.
  • Explore ways that hybrid cloud elasticity can accelerate your business processes.

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