Live Webcast: Top 5 Features of Next-Gen Backup

It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your data is? Backup isn’t a simple matter of copying data to an offsite box each night anymore, especially if you’re running hundreds of workloads on virtual servers.

Do you know which files are located on which media? Can you restore data accurately and reliably, and how long will the job take? These are the questions that keep IT admins up at night, but we have the answers.

CBS Interactive and Veeam are proud to present “Top 5 Features of Next-Gen Backup,” an exclusive webinar that will explain how to:

  • Integrate backup with virtualization management platforms
  • Protect virtual machines as well as data
  • Leverage cloud resources for backup and recovery
  • Optimize deduplication to keep backup workloads manageable
  • Recover individual files and app items with ease

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