Live Webcast – Wakeup Call: A survival guide for the changing face of customer service

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Thursday, February 13th

10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT

Almost everything you know about customer service is wrong ‒ or will be soon.

Soon, very soon, Gen Y consumers (the famed Millennials) will hit service providers with a force larger than the baby boom. And while the fundamentals of customer service date back centuries, the current manner in which customer service is taught and delivered is based, very specifically, on baby boomer expectations.

In this webinar, customer service expert and author Micah Solomon will explore how to change your service outlook and methodology to match the expectations of the younger generation, as well as all customers who have been affected by the digitally-driven upheaval.

Join this live webinar to learn….

  • Why customer service must change
  • The coming power of, and expectations of, Millennials
  • How to create the right culture for loyalty-building service
  • Tips for winning with social media customer service

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