Manage Your Cloud Deployments like a Superhero: Automate and Scale Cloud Service Delivery

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Provided by: IBM
Format: Webcast
"Business demands require timely results and agile delivery of cloud applications. As a result, IT leaders are faced with the need to transform the data center to support faster scheduling, scaling and delivery of cloud applications. According to Forrester Research, 83% of IT leaders believe they do not deliver cloud services fast enough. Using IBM Cloud Orchestrator, a self-service wizard can provide automated development, configuration, provisioning and deployment of workloads and applications that can reduce service delivery from days and weeks to hours and minutes. Paired with IBM Workload Automation, organizations can utilize application workload scheduling to reduce cost and decrease risks through an easy-to-use capability that provides simulation and forecasting to prevent workflow issues before they occur. IBM provides re-usable workload patterns that make all of its automated processes repeatable, reducing an organization's time-to-market for all of its applications. In this session, you will see how to: • Simplify and speed workload deployment in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. • Integrate deployed applications automatically to your management tools and processes to go-live as quickly as you develop/test. • Reduce the number of steps to build an IT infrastructure. • Deploy workload automation and scheduling. • Utilize a rich set of over 250 patterns and integrations for automation and re-use. Utilize a rich set of over 250 patterns and integrations for automation and re-use."
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