Master the Mobile Mindshift

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Provided by: Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Topic: Mobility
Format: Webcast
Engineer your business to win the mobile moment

Mobility has produced a mind shift with your customers. They have become the consumers of now. They demand an exceptional mobile user experience anytime and anywhere. Forrester Research calls this the mobile moment, a point in time when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what they want – when they want it. These mobile users have become impatient and intolerant of problematic mobile apps. And they are very likely to abandon or delete slow performing, crashing or battery-hogging mobile apps. So what should a mobility team do?

Watch this Webinar with Forrester analyst Ted Schadler and Hewlett Packard’s Christoph Pfister as they share how analysing mobile applications with mobile APM tools can protect your company’s brand and future revenues. Learn how SpeechTrans used big data analytics to guide their development roadmap and achieve a 5-star mobile app rating in the app stores.

Learn how to:
  • Measure what matters most from the user’s perspective
  • Focus on the problematic issues that are impacting the most users
  • Continuously monitor and improve – prioritise fixes to achieve a 5-star rating
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