On Demand: Lessons learnt from the GDPR to help accelerate your readiness for Data Privacy Regulations

Global data privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Brazil’s LGPD have put a focus on personal, customer and employee data. These regulations combined with growing consumer rights advocacy, have reinforced or even mandated the need for organizations to implement better data protection mechanisms. This can have major effects on how your organization manages their data. It’s important that you understand how data moves through your business. But can you manage your data if you don’t know what it is or where it is?

The GDPR came into effect a year ago and it was being widely considered as an inflection point of how organizations manage personal data and use it as a roadmap to establish a strong data governance program. It was being seen by many organizations as a way to know, trust and use their data helping them grow your business through a client– and data-centric transformation. But were organizations ready for GDPR? and how did regulators act on those that were caught unprepared?

CCPA aims to empower residents of the state of California in the United States through a consumer protection and data privacy law. With a new regulation that potentially affects your entire business and how it operates around the world, there is a lot to learn. So how do you start taking inventory of what you already have in place, what you are currently planning for, and what you need to stretch to accelerate your readiness for CCPA?

Join us in a roundtable discussion to get answers to these questions and more. Also, learn how you can potentially accelerate your readiness for Data Privacy regulations by building a comprehensive game plan with IBM rather than taking a piecemeal approach.

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