On-demand Webcast: 5 Steps to Nurture Customer Loyalty, and Increase Profitability, Now

Provided by: IBM
Topic: Big Data
Format: Webcast
In today's competitive marketplace, building long lasting relationships with customers is key to increasing customer lifetime value, satisfaction and advocacy. But as the modern multi-channel consumer becomes more empowered than ever, organizations are struggling to identify the right customers to target with the right offers through the right channels – let alone deliver this in the most cost-efficient way. By leveraging customer analytics, organizations move from reacting - chasing after a customer who has already defected, to predicting - proactively reaching out to customers to ensure satisfaction and recurring business.

In this webinar, Helena Schwenk, Principal Analyst for Analytics and Information Management at MWD Advisors, a leading industry expert on Analytics, and Marygrace Bateman, Market Manager for IBM Business Analytics, will cover 5 key strategies to enhance customer loyalty:

  • Understanding drivers that affect customer loyalty
  • Targeting those customers who will deliver the most value
  • Delivering personalized offers to customers to strengthen relationships and drive revenue
  • Identifying indicators that lead to defection and proactively retaining at-risk customers
  • Turning satisfied customers into loyal advocates

Helena Schwenk
Principal Analyst, Customer Insights, MWD Advisors

Marygrace Bateman
Market Manager, IBM

Heather Clancy
Award-winning Business Journalist

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