On-Demand Webcast: Five ways Dell SonicWALL’s Secure Mobile Access keeps mobile employees and data safe

There once was a time when companies knew where their data was at all times; it was in the data center, surrounded by physical walls. But today, your data is everywhere your employees and customers are: on phones, on tablets, on laptops, in the cloud. Anywhere, anytime access allows workers more work/life balance while also making them more productive, but it also puts data security at considerable risk.

The challenge companies consequently face is providing mobile/remote employees fast, simple access to enterprise applications, data and resources without compromising their security. Once you let employees out into “the wild”, accessing company data from various types of devices, anything can happen. Companies need to be able to manage and provision those devices to protect them from attacks that come from many nefarious activities, from viruses, jailbreaking, ransomware, etc..
CBS Interactive is proud to present “Five ways Dell SonicWALL’s Secure Mobile Access keeps mobile employees and data safe,” a live, interactive webcast about how you can manage the proliferation of BYOD devices in your workplace and in the field.

  • Learn how SMA enables IT administrators can ensure only authorized users have access to appropriate data and through approved devices
  • Discover how to quickly and easily provision secure mobile access and role-based privileges
  • Explore how you can keep company data secure in-flight and at-rest on devices
  • Please join us for this interactive webcast, featuring Mark Hewett, Senior Product Manager of SMA at Dell Security, Steven Sanderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager of SMA at Dell Security, and CBS Interactive’s Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, one of America’s leading cybersecurity experts.

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