Predict and Optimize Your Business Outcomes

What if you could reduce your planning process from a week to an hour, or from an hour to a second? What if you could, at the click of a button, improve your bottom line by double digits? In this session, you will learn about the customer successes and best practices of leveraging IBM’s powerful machine learning (ML) and decision optimization (DO) technologies together.

When dealing with complex problems that involve millions of decision variables, constraints and trade-offs, high dependence on simplistic analytics tools or gut feeling for decision making can reduce the potential benefits from your investments. Instead, IBM has integrated the decision optimization capability as part of the data science platform so that an organization can use the predictive outcome to produce prescriptive actions.

Come and learn how IBM is helping the AI-powered businesses use machine learning generated predictions to further optimize staff scheduling, capital equipment allocation, and production planning.

Key Takeaways

  • Easily build mathematical representations of business problems with an intuitive wizard based modeling capability including natural-language and rule-based input
  • Get accurate recommendations around best course of action using powerful solvers
  • Share industry use cases where optimization has helped augment predictive insights
  • Seamlessly integrate predictive and optimization capabilities on Watson Studio
  • Deploy machine learning and optimization models with Watson Machine Learning

Hope to see you there!

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