Live Webcast: Preparing and Presenting Compelling Webinars Part 2- Matt Abrahams

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Provided by: Citrix Online
Topic: Tech & Work
Format: Webcast
Topic: Webinar Part 2: Amplifying your message
Date: Tuesday, August 25
Time: 11:00 AM (PDT) / 2 PM (EDT)

Distraction reigns supreme in today’s corporate world. How can you gain and maintain your webinar audience’s attention? How can you make your webinar content and experience connected and compelling? Informed by scholarly research and industry best practices, this two-part webinar will provide a hands-on, practical introduction to immediately applicable techniques that will help you develop and deliver engaging, participative, and impactful webinar presentations. The first session will focus on preparing your webinar content and getting yourself ready to deliver with impact. The second session will detail how to create content that invites engagement and amplify your message. With these webinar-presenting skills, you will feel more confident presenting and your audience will be more connected and engaged.

Session 2 webinar participants will learn techniques and best practices for:
  • Implementing an effective structure
  • Leading audiences through a webinar
  • Engaging participants so they feel part of the webinar
  • Using variety in visuals and delivery to keep focus

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