Re-imagining business operations with Edge Computing

IoT devices are producing an unprecedented amount of data. The total IoT connected devices is expected to reach 40 billion by 2025, generating 79.4 zetabytes (ZB) of data according to IDC. Businesses that wish to capitalize on their data are challenged by the cost and risk associated with data transfer.

Edge computing brings enterprise applications closer to their data sources, enabling faster data analysis and continuous operation resulting in improved operational efficiency, customer experiences, and new business models. Edge computing combined with exponential technologies like AI and 5G give rise to new opportunities for automation with intelligent workflows that act on real-time data. The ability to act on real-time data has powerful implications across various sectors, including manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, retail and utilities.

Join this webcast and listen from IBM experts on how enterprises are putting edge computing into action to reimagine their business operations.

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